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Ethical policy


The Ethical Policy of “The Academic Journal of Moscow City University”, series “Legal Sciences” is based on the international standards and drawn up according to the provisions of final acts of the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity (Singapore, July 22-24, 2010); the provisions of the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, which is developed and recommended by the Committee on Publication Ethics. The standards of ethical policy are also based on the norms of Russian Law (Chapter 70 “Copyright” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

The Editorial Board of the journal guarantees compliance with the ethical policy, principles of authorship, peer-review, as well as the ethics of editing scientific publications.


The Editorial Board considers all manuscripts submitted for publication according to the principles of independence, objectivity and integrity in their assessment. The members of the Editorial Board make decisions without prejudice towards the authors. The review is based on the principle of non-discrimination of authors on national, religious, social and other grounds. The Editorial Board respects the authors’ personal rights and intellectual property rights.

The journal’s policy aims to provide and continuously improve the quality of published manuscripts. The Editorial Board of the journal strives to provide the relevance, reliability, validity, as well as theoretical and practical significance of the published manuscript. The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse to publish a manuscript which does not correspond the requirements set out below.


The authors submitting manuscripts for publication to “The Academic Journal of Moscow City University”, Series “Legal Sciences” guarantee that the manuscripts are original (they have not been published previously in their current or similar form in other journals). The manuscripts must not be on review at other journals.

The authors guarantee that all possible conflicts of interest related to copyright and publication of the submitted manuscripts are resolved. The authors are collectively responsible for their manuscripts and their contents.


The authors must provide the research results without falsification or unethical data manipulation.

The submitted manuscripts undergo the verification procedure using the “Antiplagiat” system, especially search modules aimed to identify rewritten excerpts of materials from Elibrary.ru and other Internet sources, as well as texts translated from other languages

The manuscripts must comply with the authenticity requirements: at least 80% of authentic text. Citations and references to literature must be properly formatted. In case the authors use excerpts from other papers in their manuscripts, they must refer to them or obtain a permission to publish this information from the previous publisher or the copyright owner.

In case the citations are not properly formatted, they will not be accepted. According to the requirements of the journal’s ethical policy, it is unacceptable:

  • to cite substantial parts (more than 10%) of other works word-for-word without indicating the authorship and referring to the sources;
  • to paraphrase incorrectly the works of other authors without indicating the reference to the original source;
  • to use self-plagiarism. In case it is necessary to cite the research data published previously by the author, they must indicate the difference between the new manuscript and the previous one. New research conclusions must be based ionthe used research data.

The Editorial Board thoroughly examines each case and considers arguments of all interested parties to ensure objectivity. In case the reviewers find plagiarism while reviewing the manuscript, the Editorial Board informs the author, the affiliated educational organization and the funding organization (if any) about the refusal to accept the manuscript according to the stated reason.